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Welcome to the Rescued By Dragons Podcast: Tales of the Brunch Club, a weekly fantasy tale inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.

We’re taking a break in the story to bring you a recap of episodes 1 through 30, to catch everyone up on what’s happened to our friends so far.

Warning, there will be spoilers.

In the beginning, the gnome sorceress, Salys met the elf ranger, Elora on the road to Sturgeon where they met the lunar-elf cleric, Drusilla. The three of them met the dragonborn paladin, Vorjhon, fighting bandits and a crocodile on the way to Wyhill. They learned that all four of them were headed to the Crystal Spire Library in Elnor and decided to travel together.

Vorjhon introduced them to his friend, farmer Jamieson, who needed help with a bunch of goblins harassing his farm.

In Wyhill they got a job tracking down a potion smuggling ring, which they found and traced back to Sturgeon. They got attacked by the smugglers and got thrown in Jail, but were bailed out by Captain Grath, who Elora eventually hooked up with when she was full health.

The Brunch Club decided to cut through the Blue Lich Bog, fondly known as The Bitch Bog by the locals, to cut time off their trip to Elnor. During their travels they were taunted by a black dragon and battled many creatures, including a bullywug, who Drusilla killed with a ladle, and a basilisk who turned Vorjhon to stone. Fortunately Salys’s wild magic surge revived Vorjhon and they made it through the bog to Boughmoor.

In Boughmoor they met Ulrich the druid. They accidentally released a Nightmare and failed to save a little girl from being transformed into a bog hag. They paired up with adventurer brothers, Chad and Thad to kill a Barghest that was terrorizing Baughmoor from the northwest forest.

On their way to Wheaton they saved a merchant named Bronald and his Kenku companion from a hill giant. Bronald told them to check out a magical supply shop in Wheaton called the Sun Spot. The Brunch Club arrived in Wheaton and went to the Sun Spot where they met its owner, the wizard Saberhagen, who was also a cat.

Saberhagen offered to be their patron in exchange for collecting rare items for him and spreading word of his shop around the land. They killed harpies and a banshee that had been haunting a lighthouse in Wheaton’s harbor for years and were given the lighthouse as a gift from the mayor.

Vorjhon bought a scroll of find familiar for Salys, who conjured a white pygmy owl named Pip, who was rather rude.

An army of gnolls stormed through Wheaton’s gates and set buildings on fire. The Brunch Club and Saberhagen fought them off. Using the Speak with Dead spell, Drusilla questioned a dead gnoll and discovered they were sent to the town by a druid named Rajat who was gathering an army of gnolls in the forest to the north.

On the way to Elnor they explored a cave on the coast. Vorjhon tripped and slid into a cavern where cultists were performing a ritual to summon a Kraken. They killed the cultists and continued to Elnor.

On their way to Elnor they met a dwarven rogue named Diesa who offered to share a treasure with them if they helped her read a confusing map. They followed the map to an abandoned mine where they found an empty treasure chest with a note from “The Dark Serpent” who beat them to the treasure.

They were attacked by three large winter wolves, which they killed and skinned to have their pelts made into cold resistant cloaks. When they reached Elnor they accepted a bounty from the Selsuns to kill a pair of hill giants northwest of the city and bring back their heads. They set a trap for a giant, but it attracted a chimera and other beasts instead. They killed the beasts and ambushed the giants. One of the giant’s heads was destroyed so they cut off the penises as proof they killed them.

Back in Elnor they got invited to a gala by Lady Tiroll. At the Gala they met a wizard named Ahura Mazda and his tiny pig familiar, Zoroastor. Ahura accused Tiroll of being an assassin named Varjo and they did battle. Vorjhon tried to get them to stop, but got the Brunch Club embroiled in the fight. Mazda killed Tiroll, then reanimatied her corpse and disappeared with her through a portal. Solania and Ilian of the Elnor’s Council of Five appeared at the Gala and questioned all the guests about what happened.

The Brunch Club explored the house, were attacked by a mimic and found papers that confirmed Tiroll was indeed the assassin, Varjo.

In exchange for access to the Crystal Spire Library, Solania gave them the task of killing the undead that had been spawning in the crypts beneath the ruins of the Temple of the Raven Queen.

In the crypts they fought their way to the final room where they encountered an undead beholder. The beholder disintegrated Salys before being killed by the rest of the group. Vorjhon prayed to the Dragon God, Bahamut to exchange his life for hers. His wish was granted and Salys was resurrected as Vorjhon disappeared.

Our story will resume next week in episode 31.

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Tales of the Brunch Club is based upon a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign and written by Anna Flemke, Bethany Powers, Brian Messmer, Dominic White, JP Black, and Liz Raychard.

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