Tales of the Brunch Club 000 “An Introduction”

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Hi, my name is Dominic White and I want to welcome you to the Introductory episode of  the Rescued by Dragons Podcast – A recap of a weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaign taking place in Portland, Maine.

The purpose of this introductory episode is to explain a little of the motivation behind the podcast and introduce you to the world the game takes place in and the main characters you’ll be following through their journey to level 20… if we all live that long. It’s our hope that even if you’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons before, you’ll be interested in our story and see what a fantastic tool the game is in helping create something unique and imaginative with other people.  

We created this podcast because a few weeks into our campaign, we realized our Dungeon Master, Brian, was doing a great job and we wanted to preserve all the hard work he was putting in for us. We also realized that we weren’t just meeting every week to hang out, roll dice, strategize, and have fun… we were creating an epic adventure that was unfolding organically before our eyes and we wanted to capture that in some way as well.

The campaign itself is set on the fictional world of Twel, where magic is rare and expensive. Twel is inhabited by a variety of common and uncommon races along with terrifying creatures both alive and undead.

The player characters in the campaign are:

Played by JP is Drusila, a high elf cleric of the Raven Queen who seeks to learn more about a prophecy that came to her after a mysterious blight withered her homeland.

Played by Liz is Elora, a wood elf ranger with no memory of where she came from, or if Elora is even her real name.

Played by Anna is Salys, a forest gnome sorcerer with wild and unpredictable magic, known far and wide as the Hero of Root Run, but what did she do to earn that title? And was it as truly heroic as her nickname suggests?

Played by myself is Vorjhon, a silver scaled dragonborn and Paladin of the Silver Flame who has been questioning his monestary’s warlike ways and started seeking guidance from the Dragon God Bahamut on how to help those in need while battling the forces of evil.

Joining us shortly will be Bethany, playing Diessa, a Dwarven Rogue seeking adventure and riches to help rescue her family from debt and poverty… or at least that’s what she claims.

I hope you enjoy these recaps and become as attached to these characters, as we who play them have.  Even if you know nothing about Dungeons and Dragons, I hope you’ll follow along for a fun and unpredictable story. Please join us next week for Episode 1 and the start of our adventure!

Valuable contributions to the story were added by the role playing of:

More information about Rescued by Dragons and ways to support this podcast can be found at RescuedByDragons.com. You can follow us on instagram at RescuedbyDragons and on Twitter @rescuedragons.

Thank you very much for listening Please join us next week to find out, along with the rest of us, what‘s going to happen next!