Brunch Club LIVE! The Fun Behind The Fiction

When we started writing our Fantasy Fiction Podcast, Tales of The Brunch Club, based on our weekly DnD game, we’d already been playing for several weeks.

Writing from the notes and memory was a daunting task, so we started recording our game sessions refer back to.

Episode 34 is the first episode written from those show recordings.

We have decided to post those game recordings as bonus episodes every week, a few days after the fiction episodes they inspired.

This podcast contains cussing, shouting, tangents, forgetting which dice to roll when, and plenty of decisions that make our dungeon master wonder why he agreed to do this in the first place.

In short, it’s a typical DnD night.

You can listen listen to the live game recordings HERE.

Changes To The Podcast: Episode 30 Updates

Rescued by Dragons isn’t only a home brew D&D Campaign, it’s also very much a home brew podcast.

We know we started out a little rough, but we’ve been working to make it better for our current and future listeners. Here are some improvements we put in place after Episode 30.

One Narrator

Instead of us taking turns reading each week’s episode, Brian is taking over as our full-time story teller.

Less Background Music

We are turning down the music and background effects to focus on the story telling. We’ll use music and effects to set scenes and ramp up the drama where needed, but the podcast will be focusing on Brian’s entertaining narration.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Since Brian is also our Dungeon Master, he’ll be interjecting his own, occasional insights into what went on behind the scenes during the game sessions that inspired each episode.

Recap Episode

If the podcast was a bit too rough, or inconsistent for you and you stopped listening before episode 30, we’ve made a Recap Episode and Video to get you all caught up. If you like where the story’s going, we hope you’ll join us again for Episode 31.

Live Game Recordings

Starting after episode 34 we’ll be posting recordings of our live game sessions as bonus episodes. They’ll be available every Thursday after the story has aired. We started recording our games as reference for the stories, and have decided to post them in case anyone is interested in hearing how our live, improvised Dungeons and Dragons game transforms into the fictional story.

Suggestions Welcome!

If you have any ideas on how we can improve our podcast, we’d love to hear them!

You can contact us here.