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The Campaign

This is a home brew dungeons and dragons campaign created by Dungeon Master, Brian Messmer. It starts off with a wood elf and forest gnome meeting on a road and then running into a lunar elf and dragonborn. They are all seeking knowledge for their own reasons and decide to travel together to Elnor, the City of Magic, in hopes of finding what they are looking for in the fabled Crystal Spire Library.

Player Characters

Drusilla A lunar elf cleric of the Raven Queen
Elora A wood elf ranger from the Bloodwood
Salys A forest gnome sorcerer and Hero of Root Run
Vorjhon A dragonborn paladin formerly in the service of the Silver Flame, but now a disciple of the dragon god Bahamut.


Map of the home brewed world of Twel
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Map of the fictional world of Twel in Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
Map Created by Brian Messmer

Map detail showing journey so far.
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Detail map showing party's progress in Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
Map Created by Brian Messmer


Listed with most recent at the top. Major NPC’s in bold.

My Name Is Crow – A kenku traveling with Bronald
Bronald – A merchant they rescue on the way to Wheaton
Maria – A widow in Boughmoor.
Scott Smith – A hunter living in Boughmoor.
Tahard – A senior member of Boughmoor’s town guard
Juni – Cooper and Anne’s 12 year old daughter
Cooper and Anne – Owners of the Laughing Pine Lodge in Boughmoor
Chad and Thad – Adventurer brothers they meet in Boughmoor
Ulrich – Druid and advisor to Raif Brenton
Raif Brenton – Leader of Boughmoor
Long John – Fisherman in Wyhill
Grath – Captain of one of Master Buckthorne’s merchant vessels
Angelic Artz – Potion master in Whyill
Duke – Master Buckthorne’s great dane
Master Buckthorne – Wealthy merchant of Wyhill
Captain Boyan – Captain of the Guard at Wyhill
James Jameson – Farmer and friend of Vorjhon’s who lives near Whyhill
Mindy Lobach – Nic’s wife
Nick Lobach – Dwarven blacksmith in Sturgeon


Listed with most recent at the top.

The Sun Spot, Wheaton. A magic emporium run by the wizard, Saberhagen.
The White Claw, Wheaton. A tavern and inn.
Cold Boulder Tavern, Boughmoor. A tavern.
Laughing Pine Lodge, Boughmoor. An Inn.
Golden Dwarf, Wyhill. A tavern and inn.
The Black Lamb, Sturgeon. A tavern.