In the Winter of 2018 five friends and coworkers in Portland, Maine, ranging from ages 23 to 49, wanted to start playing Dungeons and Dragons. It just so happened one of those friends was an experienced Dungeon Master and volunteered to come up with a campaign.

Soon after, they invited another of their friends to join the group.

The Brunch Club showing off their class tats.
The Brunch Club Showing Off Their Class Tats

It also just so happened that major life upheavals and family illnesses made 2019 a difficult and stressful year for almost all the members of the group.

Weekly Dungeons and Dragons sessions gave them, at first, a distraction from those troubles. Then it quickly became something they looked forward to and soon after that became something they started obsessing about.

They enjoyed the story they were all creating together so much they decided to start recording their episode recaps for their own amusement, which led to recording the full sessions, which led to all sorts of other Dungeons and Dragons related ideas, including this site.

The name Rescued By Dragons was chosen because many of the party members feel that the were rescued by Dungeons and Dragons in some way, and it also conveniently tied in with a scene that took place during one of their campaign arcs… but no spoilers!

Rescued By Dragons is…